Sat, Jun 24, 2017 from 8pm - 10pm

This event has passed.

Seven playwrights and seven poets write to prompts provided by seven different visual artists. These writings are then produced and staged by directors and actors drawn from Seattle's theater community. At the end of the run, the audience votes on who did it better— the playwrights or the poets! The winning team of writers each gets a bottle of Two Buck Chuck. The losing team a can of warm Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. 

Medicine Ball: Playwrights v. Poets 2017 Community of Artists

Curators: Graham Isaac (Poetry), Daniel Tarker (Playwriting), Tristan McAvoy (Music), and Kate Vrijmoet (Visual Art)

Poets: Daemond Arrindell, Jamaica Baldwin, Elisa Chavez, Paul Mullin, Amber Nelson, Shin Yu Pai, and Steve Potter

Playwrights: José Amador, Kelleen Conway Blanchard, Greg Brisendine, Gretchen Douma, Heidi Heimarck, Jim Jewell, and Dennis Moore

Visual Artists: Kree Arvanitas, Sophia Babaeva, Lisa Myers Bulmash, Curt Clugston, Michele de la Vega, Malayka Gormally, and Amy Mintonye

Actors: Sarah Bixler, Terry Boyd, Deniece Bleha, Alysha Curry, Solomon Davis, Tom Fraser, Stephanie Graham, Britt Hobson, Fox Rain Matthews, Miiko Valkonen, Christine Shaw White, Lyam White,

Musicians: Quentin Ergane, Paul Grende, Tristan McAvoy, Rich Pagillo, Nick Whichman

Directors: Sarah Rodriguez Giese, Ellen Graham, and Daniel Tarker

Designers/Tech Crew: Justin Babbitt, Theodore Michael Dolas, Amy LaZerte, and Jennifer West

The Erickson Theatre

1524 Harvard Ave.
Seatte, WA 98122